Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live Blogging: World Congress Day 1

The Seventeenth World Congress on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy began this evening in Dallas with a reception for Robert C. Barnes, Ph.D., Diplomate in Logotherapy and President of the International Board of Directors of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. Over 200 persons from 30 nations were present.

The World Congress is a labor of love for Dr. Barnes, who personally finances much of the event himself. This evening I was honored to meet Dr. Barnes, faculty members from the Institute, as well as logotherapists from South Africa, Israel, Serbia, and, of course, Texas. I met the brains behind the technical operations of the Institute. I was pleased to meet Dr. Karamanovski in person, whom you can hear more about in LogoTalk Episode 5.

I was struck by an observation from a therapist from South Africa: Many of us discovered Dr. Frankl during a time of change and upheaval in our lives, at just the right time. Often it was a small reference, that turned out to be the truth that we were looking for all along. Details of our stories are different, but this theme seems common.

Quoting Dr. Barnes:

"On behalf of the International Board of Directors, I extend sincere gratitude to all of our program presenters for their contribution of scholarly excellence to our Congress. Presenters and other participants have traveled, often at great personal sacrifice, from Africa and Asia, Israel, Europe, North and South America, indeed from 30 countries in addition to the USA, to be here. To each of you, we truly hope that the inspiration and joy of our Seventeenth World Congress on Logotherapy will be a meaningful part of the rest of your life. Prof. Frankl was fond of quoting a Spanish expression which, translated, states, "The time is passing, the suffering forgotten, however, the work remains!" Thank you for joining our international fellowship of kindred spirits in promoting the work of Viktor Frankl throughout the world."

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