Friday, June 19, 2009

Live Blogging: World Congress Day 2

The first full day (and these are 12 hour days) began this morning with the Keynote Address by the gracious Dr. Robert C. Barnes. The audio-visual presentation discussed the history of logotherapy and the Institute.

We then broke into sessions by interest. I have covered more material in this single day than most workshops cover in one week!

The first session I attended today was Logotherapy: The Applied Psychology of Judaism, taught by Batya Yaniger from Israel. The session discussed key elements of the Jewish faith and how those elements found their parallel in Logotherapy.

The second morning session I attended was on Forgiveness Arising from Logotherapy as taught by Deborah Paden-Levy. This session brought in information from the Positive Psychology movement in the context of Logotherapy.

The Plenary Address held over lunch was presented by Dr. Robert Barnet, a medical ethicist from Georgetown University. This presentation, that became something of a debate, dealt with the ethical issues surrounding the end of life.

The first afternoon session I attended was by Dr. Trace Pirtle and dealt with the application of Franklian Psychology to education.

I next attended the session entitled "Finding Meaning in Anxiety and Worry" taught by Dr. Emina Karamanovski, a prior guest on It was meaningful to me to run the video camera for her during her presentation (in exchange for which I hope to get a copy of the lecture, Emina! :)

The afternoon session concluded with my distance learning instructor, Dr. Cynthia Rice, presenting on "Choosing to be Grateful: A Logotherapeutic View of Gratitude As A Dimension of the Spirit." Again, information from the Positive Psychology movement found a place in the well-established home of Logotherapy.

For the evening session, I attended a screening of the French film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," a true story illustrating the defiant power of the human spirit. Discussion following the film was moderated by doctoral students Lindsay Schnetzer and Tara Luchkiw.

I finished the evening with a couple o' pints in the pub with the boys, including fascinating personalities from Austria, Germany, Ireland and Illinois. Found quite a lot in common with one of the fellows, actually, including love of coffee and Star Trek.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning with begin with a Plenary Address by the President of the Viktor Frankl Institute in South Africa on "Our Mission As Logotherapists in the Global Upheavals of Change, Crisis, and Chaos."

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