Friday, June 19, 2009

Live Blogging - World Congress Day 3

Today's session got off to a tremendous start with Dr. Teria Shantall, President of the Viktor Frankl Institute for Logotherapy in South Africa. Dr. Shantall made a moving speech on Logotherapy and the urgent need for it in a time of crisis, chaos and change.

I next attended two morning sessions on the application of Franklian Psychology to business management. Rauno Korpi of Finland and Sabine Indinger of Austria made the two presentations that I heard. Ms. Indinger made the point that there are two points of view guiding human resources. One is that people are basically idle and must be motivated from the outside in order to get them to work. The other, the Franklian view, is that people are basically motivated toward performing well in tasks that they find personally meaningful. The results of these points of view on management were discussed.

The lunch time Plenary address was made by Gideon Millul, President of the Viktor Frankl Institute for Logotherapy in Israel. Mr. Millul told the story of recent beginning of the Institute in Israel and the stories of the first set of Logotherapy gradutes from that Institute.

The first afternoon session I attended was a brilliant philosophical presentation on heuristics by Dida Kimor of Israel. She shared the research from her upcoming dissertation.

Next, I attended a presentation on the application of Franklian Psychology to the "emerging adult" stage of development, that stage from 18 to around 25-29, when many know that they are technically adults, but do not yet feel fully ready for adult responsibilities.

I then attended a presentation by Abilene logotherapist Jo Ann Thorp on creative interventions for depression.

The evening awards ceremony saw many presentations as well as associates and diplomats awarded in Logotherapy. New diplomats came from a number of countries including the USA, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Australia, Finland, and Puerto Rico.

Tomorrow's session promises to be extraordinary as well. We plan to start tomorrow with a screening of the current draft of Alexander Vesely's upcoming documentary on his grandfather, Viktor Frankl. Another highlight will be a presentation by a high ranking Iranian military officer who spent six years of solitary imprisonment under the regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini. A clinical colloquium will wind up the afternoon followed by a fellowship evening of Texas barbeque.

Stay tuned!

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