Sunday, June 21, 2009

Live Blogging - World Congress Day 4

Dear Friends,

I am still processing the huge amount of information presented over the past few days.

For today, perhaps the most meaningful point was that I have been initiated by Bob Ekstrom. A turtle has been given to me. Those who have been initiated and who have a turtle know the significance of this.

So much has taken place today. I am honored to have met a subscriber to this blog - one Renee Feagans and her husband Steve. It was certainly one of those "chance" encounters.

Later this morning is the International Fellowship Breakfast, after which the Congress comes to a close.

The full blog of the activities of this day will now wait until I get home to Kansas. Soon afterwards, Episode 6 of will be ready.

This Congress has been an amazing experience. The meeting of kindred spirits in this way has been unique in my experience. I am sad that we have only one more meeting on Sunday. But, the energy I have gained will, I know, sustain me in the work of Logotherapy until the next Congress two years from now.

More in another 24 hours. Stay Tuned.

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