Monday, June 22, 2009

Live Blogging: World Congress Day 5

Saturday began with one of the highlights of the Congress: the premier showing of Viktor and I, a documentary film of the life of Viktor Frankl as presented by Alexander Vesely, Dr. Frankl's grandson. The film is not yet complete. This means that Saturday's showing will likely never be seen in quite that way again.

Following that, I attended a presentation on humor by Jo Ann Thorp and learned more about magnets than I expected.

Hadi Asghari then talked about his years of imprisonment during the Iranian Revolution. Walking, and even running now, Mr. Asghari remains an enduring testament to the defiant power of the human spirit.

After lunch, Barbara Johnson from South Africa reminded us of the guidance of the spirit.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in clinical colloguium as cases were presented and discussed.

The evening concluded with Texas Barbeque and international talent. The group from Finland put on a comedy, the Israelis presented a song of peace in Hebrew and Arabic, Mr. Asghari sang a Persian love song, and the gentleman from India sang a hymn. Then it was Texas line dance time!

Various personal discussions then took place including the meaning of the turtle as discussed in last night's post, the state of psychoanalysis in Ireland, science fiction stories, and several other topics of interest to participants.

The 17th World Congress concluded this morning with a Fellowship Breakfast and farewells exchanged. Some of us return to work, others are going on vacation, but we all shared a profound sense of unity in the importance of our mission.

The 18th World Congress is scheduled for 2011.

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